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Viking Ocean Cruises Transpacific Cruises

A Transpacific cruise with Viking Oceans is a transformative experience, blending some of the most incredible ports in the world with plenty of time onboard, indulging in the luxurious all-inclusivity of a Viking Oceans Cruise. Eastbound or westbound, a Transpacific cruise with Viking Oceans is bound to include stops in the South Pacific, known for the breathtaking islands of French Polynesia. From there, you can journey to cultural hubs in Asia like Tokyo and Singapore. For more information on the benefits of a Transpacific cruise with Viking Oceans, call our Viking experts at 1-800-377-9383!


An important thing to remember when choosing a cruise line to embark on a Transpacific cruise is that there will be lots of days at sea! When you choose a Transpacific cruise with Viking, not only are you treated to the best service on the high seas, combined with culinary excellence and luxury around every turn, but your cruise is dotted with stops in ports like Moorea, Hong Kong and even Alaska!


Viking Ocean Cruises Transpacific Cruise Highlights


Temple in Tokyo with woman in traditional Japanese clothes

Culture, Cuisine & Colors

Transpacific cruise with Viking Oceans is destined for Asia, home to some of the most interesting culture, tasty cuisine and colorful people in the world. From the ancient temples still in operation today, to freshly prepared sashimi on the coast of Kyoto and traditional ceremonies featuring locals in colorful garb, you’ve never experienced anything like Asia on a Viking Transpacific cruise.


Scuba divers in Indonesian waters

Scuba Diver’s Dream

The Pacific Ocean is a dream destination for a scuba diver, but how to explore all the remote reefs and snorkeling spots? On a luxury cruise ship, of course! A Transpacific cruise with Viking Oceans is the perfect way to strap on the oxygen tank and swim with the exotic sealife in places like the Indonesia and the iconic Great Barrier Reef.


Over-warer bungalows in Papeete, Tahiti

Tahiti’s Tropical Paradise

Tahiti is a bucket-list destination for most people, but it can get pricey! A transpacific cruise with Viking Oceans could be the perfect choice for you! Many include stops in the tropical paradise of Tahiti, deep in the Southern Pacific Ocean, where overwater bungalows and relaxation come in droves.


Excellent service onboard Viking Oceans ship

Viking’s Five Star Onboard Experience

Starting on the rivers of Europe, Viking was known for excellent service and a luxurious onboard experience. On Viking Oceans, it’s no different! With plenty of sea days on a Transpacific cruise, guests will have the opportunity to experience the culinary delights, the unmatched service and the simply luxurious amenities in all public spaces.



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Viking Ocean Cruises Transpacific Departure Ports

Learn more about where you will embark on your Viking Oceans Transpacific cruise. From the Far East to the West Coast, maybe you’ll need a day or two before your cruise to explore the exciting ports below:

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