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Royal Caribbean International Repositioning Cruises

Repositioning cruises with Royal Caribbean means experiencing the excitement and culture of one destination and ending with the exploration and discovery of another. You may spend a few days learning and immersing yourself in an ancient civilization in Cozumel, and then travel to the luxurious and unique society and people that you can find in Dubai. Craft the perfect cruise vacation, mapping out the most important destinations--allowing yourself to match and optimize your voyage. Choose a Repositioning Cruise with Royal Caribbean and make memories you and your family will cherish forever.


Things to Do on a Repositioning Cruise with Royal Caribbean


Coast to coast, country to country, with the best excursions along the way. Your repositioning cruise will be the most excellent vacation once you book some perfect cruise excursions. Frolic with the flamingos in Kralendijk, Bonaire, go swimming with the dolphins in Curacao, or have some afternoon tea in St. Kitts. You may even go kayaking in Manatee Cove, or an off-road safari as well. Do yourself a favor, speak with one of our cruise consultants and start planning the vacation of a lifetime today.



Royal Caribbean - Bonaire Desert
  • 4x4 Arawak Off Road Safari (Kralendijk, Bonaire)
    Take a safari filled with authentic traces of the Arawak Indians on a roving 4X4 vehicle. Pass through the rural areas of Hato and Sabadeco, along the blue ocean, and into the village of Rincon. Finally, you’ll visit the Boca Onima bay, featuring raw, unique shoreline and incredible Indian designs.




Royal Caribbean - High Tea
  • Fairview Greathouse Plantation Estate Afternoon Tea (Basseterre, St. Kitts)
    Have you ever had High Tea in a West Indian Great House near a tropical garden? Time to check something off your bucket list with this unique excursion. Tour the Great House, enjoy some fine tea, and walk amongst the tropical plants in the Botanical Garden for a complete day and bliss.




Royal Caribbean - Swimming with Dolphins
  • Dolphin Freedive Snorkel (Willemstad, Curacao)
    Join an underwater dolphin party with this awesome excursion opportunity. Freedive in the lagoon and give a dolphin a kiss as you swim and interact with them in this underwater world. The program lasts for about 30 minutes.




Royal Caribbean - Flamingos in Bonaire
  • Flamingo Salt Tour (Kralendijk, Bonaire)
    Visit one of the most magnificent mangroves in the Caribbean while at port at Kralendijk. You’ll come in close contact with the long-legged, somewhat awkward and yet strangely graceful flamingo during your day, as well as some donkeys and goats. Then dip in the water at Sorobon Beach and have a nice drink before heading to the salt flats for some history and more flamingos.




Royal Caribbean - Manatee
  • Kayaking at Manatee Cove (Port Canaveral)
    Learn, interact and view some fantastic wildlife by kayak with this excursion. You’ll see West Indian manatees, bottlenosed dolphins and countless other birds, animals and plants. This is a splendid look at Manatee Cove you’ll never forget.




Royal Caribbean - Miraflores Locks of Panama Canal
  • Panama Canal Tour (Colon, Panama)
    Take a narrated drive to Balboa, where a ferry will take you through the Miraflores Locks, along the scenic Miraflores Lake and then through the Pedro Miguel Locks. Lunch buffet is included in this comprehensive canal excursion.



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Royal Caribbean International Repositioning Departure Ports

Learn more about the different departure ports for a Repositioning cruise with Royal Caribbean. Your Royal Caribbean Repositioning cruise could begin in any of the following cities:

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