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Princess Cruises South America Cruises

Escape completely from the typical trip as you comb the South American coast, delve into intriguing cultures, and find the relaxation and enjoyment you deserve. Hop aboard a South America cruise with Princess Cruises and treat yourself and your loved ones. There’s a whole new world of tasty (and sometimes zesty) cuisine, engaging personalities, and music that will truly move you. Encounter landscapes as diverse as the people you’ll meet. From ancient ruins to lush rainforests, it’s a feast for your eyes, ears, and mind when you cruise to South America with Princess.


Things to Do on a South America Cruise with Princess Cruises


The escape from the norm is magnified with each cruise excursion you experience on your Princess Cruises South America cruise. Head into the rainforest for a raw and challenging day where you can view uncategorized species and bright floral areas. See the Christ the Redeemer statue in person, one of the largest and well-known statues in the world, or ascend the peak of Sugarloaf Mountains in a cable car. These are just a few of the magnificent excursions in South America, so ask your consultant which options are best for you.



Princess Cruises Sugarloaf Mountain Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  • Sugarloaf Mountain (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    The peak of the Sugarloaf Mountain is one of Rio’s finest attractions and best photography opportunities. The best way to reach the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain is by a cable car from which you’ll enjoy views of the magnificent city and the white-sand beaches of Rio.




Princess Cruises Christ the Redeemer Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  • Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    Christ the Redeemer is one of the largest and well known statues of Jesus Christ in the world. It is an absolute must-see attraction while in Brazil because of its great and well-known architecture.




Princess Cruises rainforest in Amazon Manaus Brazil
  • Amazon Rainforest (Manaus, Brazil)
    As the largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon is home to millions of plant species and various types of mammals, birds and fish. You may even find an alligator on a cruise up the river.




Princess Cruises a colorful building in La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires
  • Tango Show and City Drive (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    After exploring many neighborhoods and sites like Caminito, the main street of an old neighborhood, and Casa Rosada, former home of Evita, you’ll have lunch at a restaurant and then head to a tango hall. At the tango hall you’ll be treated to a special performance of this dance which originated in Argentina in 1880.




Princess Cruises horizontal image of petroglyphs at Orongo Village Easter Island
  • Orongo Village and Ahu Akivi (Easter Island, Chile)
    In 1722, a Dutch explorer happened upon Easter Island and discovered the curious statues that now make this land famous. The stone face statues (called moai) are all over the island, yet it’s still unclear who built them. Your tour also includes a visit to Orongo, founded in honor of Makemake, the god of fertility.




Princess Cruises Ollantaytambo Inca Ruins in Cuzco Peru
  • Cuzco and Machu Picchu Overland – Double Occupancy (Lima, Peru)
    Spend three days discovering the ruins and culture of the Incan people. You’ll visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas and climb to Machu Picchu, the curious ruins that attract visitors the world over. While at Machu Picchu you’ll go on a guided tour through the Temple of Tree Windows.



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