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Cruise to the Caribbean with Princess Cruises for a relaxing and delightful voyage that you won’t soon forget. Delicious cuisine, enriching cultural experiences, and incredible weather are just a few highlights of a trip to the Caribbean islands, whether it be in the Eastern, Southern, or Western Caribbean. Shop duty-free in St. Thomas for some local treasures, plunder the mysterious caves in Curacao, or frolic in the butterfly farms of Aruba. Or, put your feet up and vegetate on the beaches of Costa Maya or Honduras. Relaxation, eccentricity, and culture are just three reasons to choose a Princess Cruises Caribbean cruise.



Things to Do on a Caribbean Cruise with Princess Cruises


The Caribbean cruise excursions available with Princess Cruises are absolutely incredible. You’ll be intrigued by the special sites you can see such as the Baby Natural Bridge in Aruba, a beautiful spot to gaze upon natural grandeur and snap a few pictures. You can trek through the Mayan Ruins of Belize City, a place where architectural scenery and history can be felt in your bones. From Pigeon Island in St. Lucia to Harrison’s Cave in Barbados, this region will leave you in awe and bring you back for more with these vibrant cruise excursions.



Princess Cruises Nelson's Dockyard near Falmouth, Antigua
  • Fig Tree Drive & Turner’s Beach by 4WD (Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda)
    Maneuver a 4WD Land Rover along the beautiful land of Antigua past Body Pond and Buckley Village while you learn about the local flora and fauna. Next you’ll head to Fig Tree Drive, which is a little confusing since in Antigua, they call bananas figs. You’ll also see mango groves and pineapple fields.




Princess Cruises Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Rainforest Adventure & Asa Wright (Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago)
    Asa Wright is a nature center, known for its bird watching. On this excursion you will take a walk through the tropical forest and keep your eyes peeled to the sky to spot toucans, hummingbirds and butterflies.




Princess Cruises waterfall in Dominica, Caribbean
  • Climb & Challenge Course Adventure Park (Dominica)
    Visit the Wacky Rollers Adventure Park where you will get a safety briefing before you embark on a crazy obstacle course where you journey from tree to tree via zip lines, foot bridges and cables. After your adventure, relax with a drink and some fresh fruit.




Princess Cruises beach on the caribbean island of St. Kitts
  • Clay Villa Plantation House & Beach (St. Kitts, St. Kitts & Nevis)
    Clay Villa has been occupied for generations and here you’ll see flora, fauna, beautiful art and a variety of animals. It’s famous for being the only sugar plantation on the island that never used slave labor. After your tour of the villa, visit Cockleshell Beach for some time in the sun.




Princess Cruises Chichen Itza in Tinum, Mexico
  • Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins (Progreso, Mexico)
    Chichen Itza is a ruin of a city that is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here you’ll learn about the Mayan people and their astoundingly advanced society. You’ll see the Temple of Kukulkan, the Great Ballcourt and the 365-step pyramid.




Princess Cruises Mahi Mahi in the Bahamas
  • Deep Sea Fishing (Princess Cays, Bahamas)
    Take a deep sea fishing trip out between Eleuthera and Little San Salvador where you’ll find a great spot where fish like tuna, wahoo, billfish and mahi mahi all hang out. You’ll be able to spend the afternoon fishing, but this program is catch and release, so no fishy souvenirs.



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