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Crystal Ocean Cruises South America Cruises

Culture and cuisine abound on a cruise to South America with Crystal Cruises. You can learn how the clothing of each citizen creates a distinction in Peruvian culture, or discover a mix of Spanish colonial influence and indigenous tradition in Chili. Savor the zesty fare in each country—filled with spices, fascinating technique and emotion. Stand under the magnificent Iguazu Falls in Argentina, and let the cool waters shower you, or see the graceful glaciers of Ushuaia. Add in the unique Atacama Desert, Lake Titicaca and Peru, and the Misti Volcano near Arequipa, and you have a stupendous vacation option: Crystal Cruises South America cruises.


Things to Do on a South America Cruise with Crystal Cruises


South America is an amazing continent to sail to with Crystal Cruises. Here you can enjoy amazing views on top of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio and meet some king penguins who live in the Falkland Islands.


Crystal Cruises King Penguins walking on the beach
  • King Penguin - Volunteer Point (Falkland Islands/Port Stanley, UK)
    Discover the second largest species of penguins, the king penguin, in the Falkland Islands. From Volunteer Point, you can see the penguins’ bright orange ears and yellow upper breast as they gather and interact in their colonies.


Crystal Cruises Atlantic Rainforest in Southern Brazil
  • Rainforest Hike to Feiticeira Waterfall (Ilha Grande, Brazil)
    Hike through the Atlantic Rainforest where the ecosystem is full of exotic and endangered wildlife like the wooly spider monkey and red-tailed parrot. Your destination is the cascading oasis of the Feiticeira Waterfall, and then the next beautiful landmark, Feiticeira Beach.


Crystal Cruises Fur Seal laying on rocks
  • Seawolves Island (Punta del Este, Uruguay)
    Observe the South American fur seals and southern sea lions just off the coast of Punta del Este on Seawolves Island. This natural preserve is home to an abundance of these creatures, and you will have the ability to see them from afar.


Crystal Cruises Sugar Loaf Mountain air tram Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  • Rio's Sugar Loaf (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    Sour above the great Sugar Loaf Mountain for views of not only the magnificent mountains, but also the city of Rio de Janeiro and the bright blue waters and white sand of Copacabana Beach. Your cable cars will take you to various heights of the mountain so you can view the landscapes with different perspectives.


Crystal Cruises Tierra del Fuego National Park Argentina
  • Tierra del Fuego National Park Exploration (Ushuaia, Argentina)
    Also known as the “Land of Fire”, Tierra del Fuego is a 673-acre park dividing Chile and Argentina on the southern tip of South America. The cool climate of the landscape creates beautiful, colorful flora.


Crystal Cruises giant water lillies in Belem Brazil
  • Guamá River Boat Ride & Jungle Trek (Belém, Brazil)
    Ride and walk through the Amazon Rainforest as you explore its creeks and channels. You may taste the Brazilian fruits and nuts of the rainforest while discovering the Amazon’s birds and wildlife.


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