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Sullivan Bay, Ecuador Cruise Port

Sullivan Bay is situated in Santiago Island, Ecuador. It is popular, due to its great geological interest. It is a beautiful area that is regarded to be an example of topography that can be traced back thousands of years ago. Hiking through the region is one of the best ways to explore it and the features and elements that are found in the area. Sullivan Bay has many rare elements that cannot be found in many other parts of the world. A cruise along the coast offers the opportunity to view the interesting geology of the region and admire the great view of the area. Listed below are some of the activities and features that people cruising to Sullivan Bay, Ecuador will definitely enjoy:
  • Visitors to the area can get to see lava formations as a result of a volcanic eruption that took place in 1903. The formations attract many scientists and students from all over the globe. It is an ideal destination for people interested in geology and volcanology.
  • Bird watchers will enjoy a trip to the region. Visitors can get the chance to see a wide variety of birds that are found at Sullivan Bay. There are many land and sea birds that have adapted well in the area.
  • Swimming and snorkeling are common activities that people can enjoy at Sullivan Bay. The beach in the area offers these fun activities that people can enjoy as they relax and unwind. The beautiful scenery also makes the experience more enjoyable.
  • Photographers will be thrilled by the impressive landscapes and variety of things that they can take pictures of. The area has many natural elements and features that are striking and that serve as good photography options. Aside from the natural elements, people can also take photos of animals and birds.

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