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Angra Dos Reis, Brazil Cruise Port

Angra dos Reis is located in Rio de Janeiro which is a state in Brazil. It offers a beautiful mirage which is comprised of 365 offshore islands. The Brazilian municipality is popular among the residents of Rio due to the beautiful and nice beaches around it. Many visitors to Angra usually make their way to llha Grande through the port. Angra dos Reis is made up of more than a thousand beaches that are filled with social events, legends and beauty. Travelling by boat through the region offers one an opportunity to view the crystalline waters and large mansions on private islands that are owned by the rich and famous. The municipality is known for its rich history, breath taking scenery and cultural significance. It gives a deep insight on some aspects of which the region is known. Some of the aspects that make the municipality famous are:
  • IIha Grande is one of the islands that stand out in the region. It is regarded as an ideal destination for adventurers due to its waterfalls, trails and beaches which are deserted. Cruising to Angra dos Reis port guarantees that adventurers will get to enjoy features that are rare.
  • The municipality was at one time an important port of the Fluminense coast. Ships that carried goods docked at the port and slave ships also arrived at the location. The slaves supplied forced labor to the plantations of the area.
  • The place is known for magnificent beaches that offer spots that individuals can unwind. A visitor can decide on the best destination and ambience depending on the area one has chosen. One thing that is certain is that the municipality offers aspects that appeal to varied tastes.
  • Angra has calm clear waters which makes diving easy and ideal. The visibility is good for a large portion of the year and the average temperature is 23 C (74 F). These coupled together make the region good for diving.
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