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Celebrity Cruises Asia Cruisetours

Spend a few days before or after your trip to the Far East with a Celebrity Cruises Asia Cruisetour and ensure you don’t miss out on the wonders of the region. Adventure deep into the Far East, where there are treasures to encounter, cultural stories to be told and a vast gorgeous natural landscape to behold. Imagine enriching yourself with the history of the Forbidden City, envisioning the legendary battles of those depicted by the Terracotta Warriors or delving into the eccentricity of the Muslim Quarter in Xian. Enrich and inspire yourself in the Far East with a Celebrity Cruises Asia Cruisetour.


Things to Do on an Asia Cruisetour with Celebrity Cruises


The cultural and natural treasures of the Far East are practically innumerable, so consider taking a Celebrity Cruises Asia cruisetour to give yourself enough time to see and do as much as possible. The pre- and post-cruise land tours included in Celebrity’s Asia Cruisetours offer a chance to see the temples of Angkor Wat, walk along the Great Wall of China, explore the Vietnamese tunnels of Cu Chi and more. Highlighted below are just a few of the great experiences to be enjoyed on a Celebrity Cruises Asia Cruisetour:


Celebrity Cruises Angkor Wat Temple
  • Angkor Wat Tour (Siem Reap, Cambodia)
    Travel to Siem Reap to explore the jungles and ancient temples of Cambodia. The Angkor Wat temple complex, which is surrounded by a gigantic moat, is the largest temple structure in the world, and it’s all yours to explore on a Celebrity Cruises Asia Cruisetour.


Celebrity Cruises Great Wall of China
  • Great Wall of China (Tianjin, China)
    Capture astounding views of China’s mountains from atop the Juyongguan section of the Great Wall of China. You’ll be able to retrace the steps of ancient Chinese warriors that patrolled the Great Wall while learning the history of these startling defensive barrier.


Celebrity Cruises Cu Chi Tunnel in Vietnam
  • Cu Chi Tunnels (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
    Venture underground into the infamous Cu Chi tunnels of Vietnam. The tunnels include more than 20 miles of maze-like pathways and feature kitchens, sleeping quarters and officers’ rooms. You’ll learn about the Vietnamese soldiers that created and hid within the tunnels, as well as the tools used to dig out their labyrinth.


Celebrity Cruises Woman Feeding Elephant
  • Elephant Safari (Benoa, Bali, Indonesia)
    Take a forest trek like no other while riding atop an elephant. This excursion also features a tour of the Taro Elephant Safari Park’s gardens and elephant training grounds. While here, you could even watch a live painting show where the elephants are the artists.


Celebrity Cruises Shanghai Skyline
  • Shanghai Tour and Jin Mao Tower (Shanghai, China)
    Enjoy the best sights and sounds of Shanghai, China with an in-depth city tour. You’ll see artistic riverfront communities, colonial architecture and state-of-the-art engineering all blending together. Your day culminates with a trip to the top of the 88-story Jin Mao Tower, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world.


Celebrity Cruises Boats in Halong Bay in Vietnam
  • Panoramic Halong Bay (Hanoi, Vietnam)
    Experience the serene, picture-perfect beauty of Vietnam’s Halong Bay with a narrated tour around this geographic landmark. Highlights include the new Quang Ninh Museum, Hanoi’s impressive Long Tien Pagoda and the Hon Gai market – a perfect place for a memorable souvenir.


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Celebrity Cruises Asia Cruisetours Departure Ports

Learn more about the different departure ports for an Asia cruisetour with Celebrity Cruises. Your Celebrity Cruises Asia cruisetour could embark from any of the following cities:

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