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St. John's, Antigua Cruise Port

St. John’s, Antigua boasts an amazing 365 beaches, a perfect beach for each day of the year! The tropical climate and relaxed lifestyle will allow for the relaxation time you have been hoping for. St. John’s was established in the 17th century by British settlers, but since 1981 has been an independent state. Something that you can’t miss while cruising to Antigua includes the St. John’s Cathedral, destroyed by nature and then rebuilt on the same spot three times; and the Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, which offers a mesmerizing exhibition of semiprecious stones and history. Venture into the more central parts of the island to learn about the history, view the architecture, music and culture that make St. John’s truly unique. You will also walk past many old churches, small houses that show the culture and style of the natives as well as many old rum shops. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to St. John’s, Antigua:
  • Relax on one of the perfect beaches on the island, where it’s always sunny and warm.
  • Kayak through Antigua’s gorgeous waterways where the island’s sea turtles, birds, ducks and brightly colored fish can be found.
  • Explore North Sound National Park where you can hike along the famous Bird Island, having the rare opportunity to view the blowholes and Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Caribbean Sea on the other.
  • Experience Antigua’s Southern Stingrays in their natural habitat as you move around the clear and shallow waters with the stingrays swimming about you on your cruise to St. John’s.

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