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Antarctica Cruises

Are you ready for an adventure to the Antarctic Circle? Cruise to Antarctica and find an ice-laden wonderland with quirky creatures and more.

It may not be the first place you’d consider for a cruise, but Antarctica cruises are the naturalist’s dream and the adventurer’s delight. Experience the cold-weather wildlife many can only read about, including penguins, seals and more. Set foot on icy terrain that few can claim to have walked upon. The brisk weather, the gorgeous glacial formations, the excellent excursions.


Things to Do on a Cruise to Antarctica


The rugged landscape of Antarctica lends itself to amazing adventures. On a cruise you can truly discover this frozen continent and all the wildlife that calls Antarctica home. Featured below are some of our top recommendations for how to make the most of your cruise to Antarctica:



Antarctica glaciers
  • Prepare your camera to capture the epic sights of the blue glaciers that line the waters of Antarctica. These majestic icebergs will take your breath away, especially if you're lucky enough to witness glacial calving.
  • Learn about the recent and little known Falkland War between the British and the Argentineans. Take a tour of the island to see battle grounds and learn about Margaret Thatcher’s role in this obscure conflict.


Antarctica king penguins Falkland Islands
  • Snuggle up to a penguin. Several different kinds of penguins have rookeries all over Antarctica. Your guides will tell you all about these sharply dressed creatures as you explore their natural habitat.
  • Visit a former whaling station in South Georgia Island. Not only can you learn about whaling techniques but the history of the island including an exhibit on the explorer and famous survivor Ernest Shackleton.
Antarctica Ushuaia national park Argentina South America
  • Explore a caldera on Deception Island. You can actually sail inside this collapsed volcano. Some have even been known to bath in the volcano’s hot spring.
  • In Ushuaia, Argentina ,travel to the Tierra del Fuego Forest in the Carbajal Valley. This impressive area is covered with moss and surrounded by large mountains.


They’re all part of this extra special vacation, an Antarctic cruise.


Map of Antarctica:

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Antarctica: Departure Ports

If you are an adventure seeker a trip to Antarctica is a must. The best way to go there is by ship. More and more cruise lines are offering expeditions to this nearly barren landscape. Cruises leave mostly from the major cities in South America like Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina. These cruises give you an opportunity to explore some of that fiery Latin culture before cooling down with views of glaciers, penguins and seals in Antarctica. Another popular embarkation port for Antarctica is Ushuaia, which is at the tip of Tierra del Fuego. 

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