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South Shetland Islands Cruise Port

The South Shetland Islands are a group of islands located in the Southern Ocean, about 120 kilometers north of the Antarctic Peninsula. The islands are characterized by their rugged terrain, icy coastlines, and stunning glaciers, making them a breathtakingly beautiful and pristine destination. Despite their harsh climate, the South Shetland Islands are home to a diverse array of wildlife, including penguins, seals, and seabirds, making them a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. The islands are also home to several research stations operated by various countries for scientific research purposes. Visitors to the South Shetland Islands can explore the stunning landscapes, observe wildlife in their natural habitats, and learn about the important scientific research being conducted in this remote and isolated region.
  • Penguin Watching Expedition: Explore the rugged beauty of South Shetland Islands and witness the captivating antics of penguins in their natural habitat.
  • Historic Whaling Stations Tour: Delve into the region's past with a tour of historic whaling stations, learning about the area's rich maritime history.
  • Kayaking Adventure: Experience the serene waters surrounding South Shetland Islands up close, paddling through icy waters and observing the stunning scenery and wildlife.
  • Hiking to Antarctic Wildlife Spotting: Embark on a guided hike through the island's pristine landscapes, spotting seals, seabirds, and other unique Antarctic wildlife along the way.

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