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Silversea Cruises Antarctica Cruises

Be one of only a few people that ever venture to Antarctica on an expedition cruise with Silversea. Silversea offers the best of both worlds. While the sun is out you’ll be up on deck and even in Zodiac boats exploring the incredible continent. Back onboard you can experience true luxury with gourmet foods, luxurious linens and impeccable service. Your whole journey is filled with information too. There are a number of guides who are keen to share information about the animals, weather, geology and history of Antarctica with you. 



Things to Do on an Antarctica Cruise with Silversea Cruises


With Silversea’s expedition leaders at your side you can discover the amazing landscapes and animals that live in and around Antarctica. Continue below for a few examples of the excursions available on an Antarctica expedition with Silversea Cruises.



Silversea Cruises Gypsy Cove, Falkland Islands
  • Stroll through Stanley (Stanley, Falkland Islands)
    Take a tour of this capital of the Falkland Islands, a land that is still being fought over by the British and the Argentineans. Here you’ll visit an Anglican cathedral and visit the local church. Then you’ll visit a museum that will shed light on the 1986 war over the islands.




Silversea Cruises glaciers in Paradise Bay, Antarctica
  • Set Foot on Antarctica (Paradise Bay)
    Plant your feet on the frozen continent of Antarctica where you’ll see spectacular views of mountains, glaciers and icebergs. You might also spot a crabeater seal and the Base Brown research station operated by Argentinians.




Silversea Cruises Weddell seal in Deception Island, Antarctica
  • Inside the Caldera (Port Foster, Whalers Bay)
    On this Silversea excursion you’ll sail inside a caldera with a breached wall at Deception Island. The cruise’s geologist will explain the features of the area and the historian will talk about the whaling industry on Deception Island where the boilers that were used to make whale oil are still visible.


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