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Atlas Ocean Voyages Antarctica Cruises

Cruising Antarctica with Atlas Ocean Voyages is truly a surreal experience. From the moment your vacation begins, you are treated as royalty. Luxurious accommodations on every Atlas ship give way to the rugged landscape of Antarctica. On each Atlas Ocean Voyages Antarctica cruise, staterooms are set aside to ensure the top regional experts have a spot onboard, to lead guests on tours and give exclusive onboard seminars. For more information on the unique experience of Antarctica with Atlas Ocean Voyages, call The Cruise Web at 1-800-377-9383.


Things to Do on an Antarctica cruise with Atlas Ocean Voyages


In Antarctica with Atlas Ocean Voyages, guests are never far from a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From whale watching for Belugas, to evening drinks with your destination leader, this cruise will change your life and perspective of the world. While reading about the following activities is enthralling, we believe one must experience them to truly understand the grandeur of Antarctica. Continue below to see just a few of the memorable experiences you can have in Antarctica with Atlas Ocean Voyages:



Atlas Ocean Voyages Onboard Lecture
  • Exclusive Lecturers & Interactive Presentations
    On each Atlas voyage to Antarctica, staterooms are reserved for destination experts to enhance your experience and expand your mind. Each day, treat yourself to an interactive daily recap, where your fellow passengers and experts share the highlights of that day’s adventures.




Photographer with camera in Antarctica
  • Hands-On Experiences
    Paired with your expedition leader, with Atlas Ocean Voyages, guests can take part in data collection for real-life experiments! Not quite Einstein? Atlas has you covered in Antarctica with a hands-on workshop with a photographer who has spent his career capturing the serenity of this destination.




Group of Atlas Ocean Voyages kayaks in Antarctica
  • Antarctic Watersports & Polar Plunge
    Shore excursions in Antarctica with Atlas Ocean Voyages are, well, not for the faint of heart. This is a luxe-ADVENTURE cruise after all. For the tamer folk, you can enjoy a Zodiac cruise along the Antarctic coast. And it only gets wilder from there. Venture out on your own in kayaks or standup paddleboards and if you’re feeling really crazy, slip into a wet suit for a polar plunge into the icy waters.




Tent set up for night of glacier camping with Atlas in Antarctica
  • Glacier Hikes & Camping
    Strap on some boots and a hiking pack – this isn’t your average vacation. Trek out on the Ice Continent for close looks at penguin colonies, venture to the highest point for the best Instagram panorama, but make sure you don’t forget your backpack on the glaciers. With Atlas Ocean Voyages, guests have the opportunity to camp out in Antarctica, tent and all. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime way to experience the destination.




Panoramic photo of Antarctica
  • Environmental Awareness & Protection
    When your travel to Antarctica with Atlas Ocean Voyages, the destination experts are not only there to embark their knowledge upon you, but to instill a passion for protecting one of the few unspoiled locations in the world. Please be sure to consult with your cruise consultant to know how to do your part BEFORE your cruise.


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