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Gozo, Malta Cruise Port

Gozo is an island that is part of the Maltese archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is regarded to be part of Malta. Gozo covers an approximate area of 67 km2 and holds a population of 37,342 people according to the data gathered in 2014. These statistics make the island stand out as the 2nd largest island in the Maltese archipelago after Malta itself. In comparison to the main island of Malta, Gozo has a more rural appearance since it is less developed. The region is rich in historic locations, beaches, and natural features that make it a top tourist destination. On an annual basis thousands of tourists visit the island. Featured below are some of the recommended activities and experiences that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Gozo, Malta:
  • One of the islands historic locations is at the Ggantija temples. They are part of the Megalithic Temples of Malta that were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These temples are more than 5,500 years old, making them the 2nd oldest man-made religious structures.
  • Those interested in the natural landmarks of the region should pay a visit to the Azure Window in the Dwerja Bay. This is a natural limestone arch that was created when 2 limestone sea caves collapsed millions of years ago.
  • Another fascinating location to visit on a tour of the island is the Xlendi Beach, Cliff, and Caves. These features offer the unique opportunity to enjoy spectacular scenery while hiking, swimming, or caving. The mix of natural features in one spot is quite breathtaking.
  • Gozo boasts of having some good wineries. Visitors should visit the Tal-Massar Winery to indulge in all activities that revolve around wine making, tasting, pairing, and learning. The passionate guides at the winery educate visitors on the islands viniculture and a host of other things.
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