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Endicott Arm, Alaska Cruise Port

Endicott Arm is the southern end of a long, flowing fjord that spans a total area of over 1,000 miles, 28 of which flow directly through the area encompassing this cruise port. Surrounded on all sides by aerial mountains brimming with trees and snowy peaks, Endicott Arm is tucked away inside a comfortable U as the ice and rapids of the fjord rustle along. Like its fjord relatives within the region, it was formed by glaciers thousands of years ago. The clear, pure waters reflect the sky like in a painting, and the waterfalls and eclectic wildlife are majestic within this port’s tableau. Dawn’s Glacier, which can be ventured to by boat, is an impressive wall of ice that looks as smooth as glass but with a dark blue hue. The noise made when the ice separates from the glacier is one-of-a-kind and indescribable unless you hear it for yourself.


  • Venture extremely close to the face of Dawn’s Glacier. Wait for it to calve and observe firsthand how the ice drops from the massive wall to become future icebergs.
  • Dare to charter a boat across Ford’s Terror, a large inlet with strong rapids that spans 30 miles. It’s named after an 1899 naval man who almost lost his life in its turbulent currents. Today, tide charts prevent visitors from suffering the same fate.
  • Join a shoreline expedition in a tour boat and get up close and personal with the many waterfalls surrounding Endicott Arm.
  • Explore everywhere else in the purest way possible by riding the fjord in a modest-sized skim. Don’t worry, the guides are professional, so the experience will be mystifying and not terrifying.

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