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Bozcaada, Turkey Cruise Port

On your cruise to Bozcaada (or Tenedos in Greek), Turkey, you’ll find an island in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea famous for its grapes, wines, and red poppies. Literature buffs will get no small thrill in realizing they're in the same city mentioned in the Iliad and the Aeneid: this is the very spot where the Greeks hid their fleet within a large wooden horse to trick the Trojans into believing the war was over. The horse was wheeled inside, the Trojans were defeated, and the expression "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts" made it into popular culture. Other myths about the area have also endured; it was also an important area during the Bronze Age. If you enjoy fresh seafood, lots of history, and quaint cobblestone streets, then cruising to Bozcaada should be on your to-do list. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Bozcaada, Turkey:
  • Wine lovers will find no end of vineyards to explore. Throughout the 15 square miles that make up the island, there are grapevines galore, and the city center lets you sample wines like Talay and Corvus. Even the New York Times has called Bozcaada “one of Turkey’s most promising wine destinations.”
  • The beaches here afford a view of the crystal-clear sea, and aren’t nearly as crowded as some other ports; the water is cooler, but the weather itself is still warm and sunny in the summer. You can rent a lounge chair and enjoy some of the quieter coves, even at peak season.
  • Shoppers will want to visit the artisan’s market near the harbor, where you'll find local spices, jewelry, thyme-scented honey, and unique jams; the tomato jam is a special treat and can't be found anywhere else in Turkey.
  • A visit to the Bozcaada Castle is a step back into yesteryear. The structure seems very large for such a small town, but when it was built, this was a necessity. No longer needed as protection from invaders, it's one of the best-preserved castles in Turkey. Be sure to check out the many tombstones and historical objects on display.
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