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UPDATE: As of May 2017, Fathom is no longer in operation.

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Fathom gives you the rewarding opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic and simultaneously give back to the struggling local communities of this gorgeous nation. To be clear, Fathom’s voyages to the Dominican Republic are not like typical cruise vacations. While you will have time to enjoy the beauty and culture of the Dominican Republic, you will also be working hands-on with a team of fellow Fathom travelers to make a sustainable positive impact throughout the Dominican Republic. Your various “Impact Travel” activities will focus on a few key needs for this developing nation: education, local entrepreneurship, clean water access, environmental awareness and creative arts, music and sports. By focusing on these rich and varied aspects of Dominican culture, Fathom creates a fully immersive cruise experience that will undoubtedly change your life. To learn more about cruising to the Dominican Republic with Fathom, contact one of our experienced cruise consultants today.


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Things to Do on a Dominican Republic Cruise with Fathom


Fathom’s travel activities in the Dominican Republic focus on making a lasting impact on struggling Dominican communities. As such, you will spend much of your land time working in teams to educate, support and strengthen the local community, all the while learning more about this beautiful country and its lovely people. Possible activities include teaching children to express their creativity through art, laying the foundation for eventual self-supporting businesses and creating water filters to provide access to clean drinking water. Featured below are just a few of the memorable experiences waiting for you on a journey to the Dominican Republic with Fathom:


Cacao Beans
  • Organic Cacao Nursery
    Help support local Dominican farmers by giving your time to a cacao growers nursery to plant and care for cacao seedlings. You and the rest of the Fathom team will collect food scraps to convert into organic fertilizer. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the farming industry in the Dominican Republic while working directly with locals.


Artisanal Chocolates
  • Artisanal Chocolate
    Spend a few hours supporting local chocolate shop while learning about the all too rare story of successful entrepreneurship in the Dominican Republic. You’ll have a chance to get involved in several stages of the chocolate production, linking this activity all the way back to the cacao farms your team visited.


Fathom Travelers on Beach in Dominican Republic
  • Beach Time
    All work and no play isn’t healthy either, so your itinerary will usually feature optional time that can be spent at one of the local beaches. Relax by the pool, grab a private cabana or rent snorkeling equipment and head out to explore the clear waters of Amber Cove.


Fathom Travelers Teaching English
  • Teaching English
    One of the biggest industries in the Dominican is tourism, but one of the greatest challenges facing Dominican jobseekers is their lack of basic English. Therefore, one of the primary education activities is based around teaching the locals a basic understanding of English to help them advance to new job opportunities.


Fathom Traveler with Water Filter
  • Creating Water Filters
    With Fathom, you can work directly with local kiln shops to build ceramic water filters that provide a sustainable method of producing clean drinking water for the Dominican Republic, where much of the population doesn’t currently have access to piped water. Your efforts can help eradicate water-borne illness and raise the standard of living in the Dominican Republic.


Dominican Republic Forests
  • Reforestation and Conservation
    Lack of oversight has led to widespread environmental destruction in parts of the Dominican Republic. Step one is to increase awareness for the important role the environment plays in shaping the general well-being of the country, and step two is to help with the ongoing reforestation process. Your assistance in forest and wildlife conservation could improve the lives of generations of Dominicans.


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