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Fathom Cuba Cruises

UPDATE: As of May 2017, Fathom is no longer in operation.

If you are interested in cruising to Cuba with a different cruise line, please CLICK HERE for available itineraries.

Cruising to Cuba with Fathom is a new travel experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen from a cruise line. Fathom focuses on a fully immersive experience that introduces you to every aspect of Cuban life, from music and arts through education and healthcare. You’ll witness first-hand the challenges facing Cubans from all walks of life, and you’ll have the incredibly rewarding experience of exchanging your culture norms for theirs. When cruising to Cuba with Fathom, you’ll have time on land in Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba – and Fathom’s teams have expertly crafted memorable itineraries unique to each city. Interact one-on-one with students, teachers, entrepreneurs, cooks, artists and musicians while getting the most authentic Cuban travel experience available. When cruising to Cuba with Fathom, you’re land-based activities will be complemented with additional cultural immersion activities at sea with guest speakers, team workshops and more.


Fathom Cuba Itinerary Map

Fathom Cuba Itinerary


Things to Do on a Cuba Cruise with Fathom


Are you ready for a totally unique, completely immersive and unbelievably rewarding experience in Cuba? Consider Fathom Impact Travel, a pioneer in the realm of cultural exchange cruise programs. With Fathom, you’ll participate in land-based cultural immersion activities in Cuban cities like Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba. Enjoy authentic Cuban cuisine, take in the live music, meet local artists and discuss education challenges with teachers and students. Featured below are just a few of the immersive activities you can experience while cruising to Cuba with Fathom:


Cuban Student
  • School Day
    Visit a local grade school and participate in the day’s instruction. You’ll quickly realize the challenges of providing education to the children of Cuba, but also glimpse the positive impact these teachers are having on the lives of Cuba’s youth. Bond with local teachers to learn about the future of Cuba’s education system.


Cuban Musicians
  • Live Cuban Music
    Allow yourself to be led through the streets on an architectural and art history tour of Cuba. You’ll feel as though you stepped back in time as you take in the rustic buildings and old-fashioned vehicles lining the streets. The real treat, however, is the live Afro-Cuban concert being held for your Fathom team’s enjoyment.


Cuban Cuisine
  • Private Paladre Dinner
    Enjoy an authentic Cuban dinner at a local restaurant or private residence. Depending on the location, you might even be able to help with the preparation while learning how the owners are able to run their restaurant and provide delicious cuisine for their community.


Cuban Streets
  • Cuban Film Festival
    Enjoy an on-board movie session devoted to Cuba’s film history, dating from the 1960s through present day. This onboard film festival is just one of the many ways that Fathom brings the destination immersion experience onboard.


Cuban-style Soup
  • Cuban Dinner
    Introduce your taste buds to Cuba with an authentic Cuban-inspired meal at the Adonia’s onboard Ocean Grill. Even when you step off Cuba and onto the Adonia, the culinary and cultural education continues – and class has never been tastier!


Sunset in Cuba
  • Keynote Events
    One of the greatest privileges of cruising to Cuba with Fathom is the access their established connections provide to resources and speakers. At your evening Keynote event onboard, you’ll hear about Fathom’s vision for successful Impact Travel in the future, and see the positive influences already being felt in Cuba.


Fathom itineraries will be added to the website shortly.

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Fathom Cuba Departure Ports

Learn more about your potential departure ports for a Cuba cruise with Fathom. Your Fathom voyage to Cuba could embark from any of the following cities:

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