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Veere, The Netherlands Cruise Port

On the Veerse Meer lagoon on Walcheren Island is the charming medieval cruise port of Veere in the Netherlands. This Zeeland province city has had a ferry since 1281; indeed, the name Veere means "ferry." Established as an actual city in 1355, the Admiralty of Veere was created to establish a central naval administration in Veere, and by 1541, the city also functioned as a trading port for Scotland. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Veere experienced prosperity in economics and the arts, with more than twice the number of homes than are there today. As tourism is popular in modern-day Veere, there’s plenty to do at the beaches and marinas sprinkled throughout town. Museums and shops are also available to explore; for a picturesque rest, lounge near the Veerse Meer Lake and take in the view. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Veere, The Netherlands:
  • To kick back, visit Vrouwenpolder Beach. Not far from town, it's easy enough to walk or ride a bike here after touring the historic homes; if you're looking for activity, try your hand at windsurfing. It tends to be less crowded than most tourist beaches, and there are nearby cafés for a bite.
  • Housed within the gorgeous and gothic town hall is the Stadhuismuseum De Vierschaar (De Vierschaar Civic Museum). The museum highlights the town's history, while including art pieces and fantastic architecture.
  • A good companion to De Vierschaar is the Museum de Schotse Huizen (Museum of Scottish Houses). Going back to the days when Scotland and Veere had a trade relationship, this is the place to learn about this part of the town's history, especially its right to sell Scottish wool before anywhere else. Check out lectures, special exhibitions, and music throughout the year.
  • The picturesque De Koe ("The Cow") is located on the outskirts of town. The original version was built in 1736, but burned down; the current version was built in 1909 as a flour mill. Today it's a lovely spot to wander, and you might run into some friendly sheep in the process.

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