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Rostock, Germany Cruise Port

The cruise port of Rostock (Berlin), Germany is filled with history, art and culture, only rivaled by the spectacular aura and liveliness of London and Paris. As the largest city in northern Germany with a small historic center dating back to the Hanseatic era, you are sure to encounter more fascinating historical monuments in the shortest amount of time. As a starting point to Berlin and scenic northern German cities such as Lubeck and Schwerin, the port city of Rostock, Germany holds a special place in the hearts of many tourists and cultural explorers. Tour the famous East Side Gallery covered with graffiti and murals and head out to the Cathedral of Berlin, a vital center for the Protestant church of Germany covered with impressive Neo-Baroque interior and a massive dome. Be sure to stop by the Holocaust Memorial dedicated to the murdered Jews of Europe, and visit the former Nazi Concentration Camp at Sachsenhausen for a better understanding of the horrific times:
  • The magnificent glass dome in the restored Reichstag Building is a captivating piece of architecture, incorporating the old and new elements of the building to produce an interesting and complex design that lights up even more excellently at night. This building has been the home of modern Germany’s parliament for the last 17 years.
  • Constructed in the 17th century and rebuilt in the 18th century, the beautiful artistic structure of Brandenburg Gate symbolizes the German and European reunification. This impressive monument in the cruise port of Rostock (Berlin), Germany is nothing short of remarkable.
  • Walk through the immaculate palace garden of Schloss Charlottenburg and absorb the gorgeous scenery and splendor of German royalty with views of the Oak Gallery, Oval Hall, and King Friedrich I’s bedchamber.

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