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General San Martin, Peru Cruise Port

General San Martin lies on the Paracas Peninsula. The areas weather is mostly tropical with temperatures reaching as high as 34 degrees Celsius. The port is on the Northeastern side of the Paracas Peninsula, more specifically on the Western side of the Bay of Paracas. Across the bay lies the Paracas village which is a small resort town, and the town of Pisco. These two areas serve as the main tourist focus points from General San Martin port which has very little to offer since it is largely surrounded by commercial dock works and desert sands, which are part of the driest desert in the world, the Atacama desert. Featured below are some of the experiences and activities that one can enjoy and take part in after cruising to General San Martin, Peru:
  • Nature lovers and photographers should pay a visit to the Paracas National Reserve. There are few animals in the reserve so the main attraction is the scenic landscapes that consist of the red-sand beaches, coastal dunes, dramatic cliffs, and a stone spire called the Cathedral.
  • One of the adventurous activities in the region involves exploring the gigantic sand dunes of the Atacama desert using 4-wheel-drive dune buggies. This marvelous adventure will reward visitors with a unique desert experience, and stunning photos of views from the dune tops.
  • Visitors should also take the time to experience boat tours of the Ballestas Islands near Port San Martin. This collection of rocky islands plays host to the endangered Humboldt penguin, and some of the most diverse wildlife sanctuaries in South America.
  • History and mystery buffs should definitely not miss out on the Nazca Lines Flight tour. This tour takes visitors through the Nazca Lines where gigantic figures of animals, birds, and humans were drawn in the sand by the ancient Nazcan civilization.
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