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Farsund,norway Cruise Port

The Port of Farsund, sometimes referred to as the Pearl of the South, used to be one of Norway’s premiere ports that welcomed cargo and passenger ships from all over the world. While it still brings in its share of passengers, this small town sees far fewer than it once did. However, it remains one of Scandinavia’s finest harbors with an influx in tourist vessels in the summer months. Fewer ships overall has done nothing to decrease tourists’ enjoyment of this glorious municipality. Located on the country’s southern coast, Farsund has some of the best and most beautiful beaches for surfing, and exotic bird watching. Its old-fashioned white houses and keys lined with wooden paths are a window to the area’s bustling past, and the shops and boutiques along the main roads deal in wares celebrating Farsund’s history. The region enjoys close ties to the Americas due to emigration in the 1950s and 60s, and even has an annual American festival.


  • Lista Lighthouse is a wonderful coastal feature and at over 110 feet tall was once the world’s largest lighthouse. Visitors wishing to scale the 132 steps to the top are rewarded with a fantastic view.
  • Beautiful white churches are spread out across the municipality representing three parishes. These amazing structures were built between the 11th and 20th centuries.
  • Nordberg Fort remains from the Axis occupation of Norway during World War II. The surviving structure has 17 authentic buildings, plus a modern museum where visitors can learn more about the fort’s history.
  • The most recommended area for hiking in the area is Skrelia. Only about six miles from Farsund, this mountain has terrain similar to the highlands and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

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