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Dusky Sound, New Zealand Cruise Port

On your cruise to Dusky Sound, New Zealand you will have the chance to follow in Captain Cook’s footsteps and explore the area just as he did during 1773. The landscape is simply magnificent and the birdlife is very abundant making for great sightseeing. Fjords are valleys carved by the tremendous pressure and power of glaciers during successive ice ages, which are then flooded as the ice melts and sea levels rise. Seal Rock will display sunbathing seals which offer a great opportunity for pictures when cruising to Dusky Sound, New Zealand. For those who really want to relax in an area off the beaten path, this is the place for you. As an incredibly remote area, it is also a great breeding place for Fiordland Penguins. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to Dusky Sound, New Zealand:
  • Kayak along the waters of Dusky Sound for an experience like no other, taking in the natural surroundings as well as spotting the many types of birds and sea life.
  • Watch the seals gather at the Seal Rock for the ultimate sun bathing experience, and great opportunity for some pictures or observing!
  • Venture into Fiordland National Park and explore the natural wonders found on these islands.
  • Shop for locally made souvenirs found in the small shops along town.

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