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Southern Caribbean Cruises

Cruising the Southern Caribbean will take away all of your stresses and concerns and replace them with sandy beaches, sunny days and clear, soothing waters.

From hot springs to waterfalls, you can let the gorgeous and therapeutic waters of the Southern Caribbean cascade down your shoulders or delight your senses. Explore tropical island paradises filled with vibrant butterflies, ostriches and more. Visit spice plantations, snorkel and discover underwater life, or immerse yourself in intriguing culture. Relax and be inspired by the natural beauty of the Southern Caribbean. 


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Things to Do on a Cruise to the Southern Caribbean


Of all the islands in the Caribbean, those in the South are a bit more exclusive. Further away from the coast of the U.S., a cruise to the Southern Caribbean sometimes requires a flight to one of the islands, like Puerto Rico or Aruba, or an extended sailing. However, once you get to the Southern Caribbean – with its white sand beaches and warm weather – you’ll feel like you were let into paradise. Featured below are a few of our favorite things to do when cruising to the Southern Caribbean:



El Morro Fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Explore the forts and old buildings that make up Old San Juan, the historical heart of Puerto Rico. This walled Spanish city was sought after by the British and the French, and while here you can uncover its historical significance for yourself.
  • Rum is to the Caribbean as vodka is to Russia. Visit the oldest known rum distillery, Mount Gay Rum in Barbados, and be sure to savor your free sample after the tour. Puerto Rico is also home to the Bacardi distillery, which offers tours as well.


Catamaran sail and snorkel in the Southern Caribbean
  • Get in the water. The constantly warm waters of the Southern Caribbean make snorkeling, wind surfing and heading out on a catamaran simply marvelous. Check out the shipwreck sites off the coast of Aruba.
  • Check out the old sugar mills and plantations in St. Kitts. You can ride on the St. Kitts Scenic Railway, which used to be the route for the sugar cane to get to the mill and then to the city for export.
El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico
  • Be one with nature by exploring one of the many rainforests on these islands. Puerto Rico has El Yunque where you can hike. In Dominica you can take a tram through the rainforest. If you’re feeling adventurous in St. Lucia, get on the zip line and swing like a monkey from tree to tree.
  • Get lucky at one of the many ritzy casinos on several of the islands, especially Aruba where many of them are open 24 hours a day and are decorated with stunning chandeliers.

Map of the Southern Caribbean:

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Southern Caribbean: Cruise Lines

Take an exotic adventure with one of the cruise lines below to the Southern Caribbean. From contemporary Southern Caribbean family vacations to romantic escapes—we have something for each type of cruiser. Choose one of the cruise lines below and learn about their experience.

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Southern Caribbean: Departure Ports

The Southern Caribbean consists of islands closer to South America such as Aruba, Grenada and Dominica. These are the least visited of the entire Caribbean, so offer a more upscale feel.  You can catch a cruise to these islands which are rich with natural beauty and offer seemingly untouched beaches by cruising out of San Juan, Rio de Janeiro and even New York. Southern Caribbean islands can also be stops on repositioning or transatlantic sailings. 

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