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Whether it's the 'Viking Homelands' voyage, or the 'Catalonia to Constantinople' from Barcelona to Istanbul, European cruises with Viking Oceans will be an immersion into wonderful communities within the finest cities you could ever imagine. Revel in the delicious cuisine of the Mediterranean while cruising the Eastern Mediterranean, or inspire and excite your mind with the arts and culture of Western Europe with a cruise through France and England.

No matter what region, or which itinerary you choose with Viking Oceans, your cruise to Europe will be filled with wonder and enrichment, happiness and delight. Join Viking Oceans for a cruise to Europe, and find your cruise Shangri-La. 


Things to Do on a Europe Cruise with Viking Oceans


Cuisine, culture and class are what you can expect when you explore Europe with Viking Oceans. On your journey you can visit some of the most famed spots in all of Europe, including a 400-year old bridge in Athens, the treasured Louvre in Paris, the majestic St. Paul's Cathedral in London, the priceless art in St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum and much more. Viking Oceans offers a diversity of experiences and activities, so continue below for a preview of the best of what's waiting on a Viking Oceans cruise to Europe:



Temple in Athens, Greece
  • Panoramic Athens (Athens, Greece)
    Drive through the legendary city of Athens and discover the landmarks in both the outskirts and city-center that have made Athens so important to the world. Passing the harbor of Zea, you’ll enter the city to see Syntagma (Constitution) Square. Make sure to bring a camera for your chance to photograph the Panathenaic Stadium, Temple of Zeus and Acropolis.




Belem Tower in Lisbon, Portugal
  • Classic Monuments and Monasteries (Lisbon, Portugal)
    In the Belem Quarter, you will pass the Belem Tower and the Monument of Discoveries, along with other main monuments in Lisbon. Make sure not to leave out essential photo opportunities as you visit the massive Jerónimos Monastery. Learning about Lisbon prior to the 16th century will be fun and easy at the National Coach Museum and the National Tile or “Azulejos” Museum.




Library in Ephesus, Turkey
  • Ephesus Walking Tour (Ephesus, Turkey)
    Ephesus is a unique city that has preserved its architectural past. You’ll be able to see the Temple of Hadrian, the Great Theatre that holds 25,000 people, and the Library of Celsus after entering the city from Kuretes Street where Magnesian Gate will be waiting for your arrival.




Louvre in Paris, France
  • Louvre Musuem and Paris Tour (Paris, France)
    Take advantage of this stop at Rouen, the closest ocean port to Paris, as you can have a great opportunity to explore the Louvre Museum, home to the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. You’ll tour the city and capture breathtaking views of the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame Cathedral from the Eiffel Tower.




Coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Mostar and the Old Bridge (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
    Travel through the crossroads and hills of Croatia to Pocitelj where the beauty of most of the medieval town is still preserved, even after some damage in 1990. You'll then make your way to the "Old Bridge," or Stari Most, where the more than 400-year-old bridge has been restored after being destroyed in the Croat-Bosniak War in 1993.




Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Hermitage Museum Tour (St. Petersburg, Russia)
    Founded in 1764, the Hermitage Museum is home to more than three-million masterpieces within the four main buildings of the museum. When entering one of the buildings, the Winter Palace, you are greeted by marble statues and a sparkling staircase with white stucco detail, called the Jordan Staircase. Popular artists that are highlighted throughout the museum are Michelangelo, Van Gough and Matisse.



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