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Holland America Line Europe Cruises

Inspire yourself and those you care about—cruise to Europe with Holland America Line. Whether you decide on a cruise to the Mediterranean or a trip to the Baltics, each day will be filled with delightful experiences you can’t find anywhere else. Treat yourself to luxury in the French Riviera, where you can interact with the rich and famous and become a wine connoisseur. Discover a rich history of royalty in the castles and palaces of Northern Europe. You can’t go wrong on a Europe cruise with Holland America, so start planning on your favorite countries and make your dream vacation a reality.



Things to Do on an Europe Cruise with Holland America Line


From the countries that line the Mediterranean Sea to those that border the North and Baltic Seas in Northern Europe, you’ll find amazing experiences waiting for you in Europe on a Holland America cruise. On your cruise be sure to meet the people, eat the local food and admire the ancient treasures. Featured below are some of the best ways to spend your time cruising Europe with Holland America Line.



Holland America Line view of canal in Amsterdam the Netherlands
  • Amsterdam Candlelight Cruise (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    Spend a magical evening in Amsterdam cruising through the quaint canals and viewing the old buildings lit up for the night. As you go past the beautiful sights, you’ll snack on a cheese platter with bread, nuts and wine. The trip is narrated by a guide who will point out fascinating facts about the canals.




Holland America Line beautiful tight streets with lots of colors in Lisbon Portugal
  • Fado, Folklore & Food (Lisbon, Portugal)
    Portugal is known for its musical genre called Fado. Fado started as the sad laments of sailors’ wives and then became more lighthearted in the 18th century. You’ll hear these songs while eating dinner in a restaurant resembling the taverns of the 15th to 18th centuries. You’ll also see local dancers perform to the music.




Holland America Line pizza napoli and capricciosa
  • A Taste of Naples: Pizzas & Piazzas (Naples, Italy)
    Naples is the home of pizza, but this pizza can’t be compared to what you get delivered to you back at home. Here you’ll learn how to make real Neapolitan pizza. You’ll also enjoy a panoramic drive through the city with stops at Piazza Plebiscito where the Royal Palace and opera house line the open space.




Holland America Line preview animals on the Ishtar Gate Pergamon Museum
  • Berlin, the Reichstag & Pergamon Museum (Berlin, Germany)
    On this tour you’ll first head to Museum Island which hosts a handful of museums, most famously the Pergamon Museum, which houses amazing artifacts from ancient Greek, Assyrian and Babylonian societies. After some time here you’ll get lunch at a local restaurant and then tour the city, stopping at the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and finally the Reichstag.




Holland America Line whiskey distillery in Ireland with old copper kettle
  • A Taste of Ireland: Whiskey in the Jar (Dublin, Ireland)
    Tour the Old Jameson Distillery, which dates back to the 1780s. Here you’ll learn how Irish whiskey is made and you’ll get to sample some of the product, learning how to properly taste this alcohol and compare it to Scotch and Bourbon.



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