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Atlas Ocean Voyages Europe Cruises

Europe is an eclectic destination and with Atlas Ocean Voyages, you can explore most of the continent and only have to unpack once! From as far East as Istanbul to Lisbon in the West and the British Isles and Norwegian fjords up North, you can have it all in Europe with Atlas Ocean Voyages. An all-inclusive onboard experience, Atlas Ocean Voyages provides a premier European experience, including the special opportunity to dock in the Venice harbor, due to the intimate size of the vessels. Continue below to see some of our favorite highlights all across Europe with Atlas Ocean Voyages:


Ancient ruins, rolling hills, every type of food you can imagine and so many things you never even thought of are waiting in Europe for you to visit. With Atlas Ocean Voyages, your European escapade can include ports in the Mediterranean, where you can admire the iconic architecture in Dubrovnik and Santorini, or the expansive beauty of visits to the Norwegian fjords or even Iceland!


Atlas Ocean Voyages Europe Cruise Highlights


Sistine Chapel painting in Vatican City

Architecture & Art

In ancient times, Europe was the center of the world’s art and architecture scene. Whether you’re gazing on the ceiling of the Sistine, admiring Michelangelo’s work or Gaudi’s unfinished icon, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. On an Atlas Ocean Voyages cruise in Europe, you can have it all, including front-of-the-line access for some of the more popular sights.


Channel in Venice

Special Small Ship Experiences

Cruising in Europe with Atlas Ocean Voyages is one of the most luxurious experiences one can have and the intimate size of the ships allows for some truly incredible experiences. Holding just 196 passengers, Atlas ships are some of the few cruise vessels in the world allowed to sail into the famed channel in Venice, allowing for the amazing views you see here.


Sea bass dish on Atlas Ocean Voyages Europe cruise

European Epicurean Expeditions

Cruising in Europe with Atlas Ocean Voyages is bound to have two things: luxurious accommodations and unmatched cuisine. Many European voyages are known as Epicurean Expeditions, meaning the Atlas staff & onboard programming are specially curated for culinary excellence, featuring special tastings, menus and even shoreside experiences.


Viking monument in Reykjavik, Iceland

Viking Adventures

With an Atlas Ocean Voyage in Europe, you have the chance to visit the lands of the Vikings! From Norway to Iceland and everywhere in between, you’ll experience the Norse influences in culture, cuisine and more. Plus, you’ll be doing it in the comfort of an Atlas ship – that has to be better than rowing a wooden ship like the Vikings.



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Atlas Ocean Voyages Europe Departure Ports

Europe is an expansive continent and there are many places to visit with Atlas Ocean Voyages! The focus of your Atlas Ocean Voyages Europe cruise will depend a lot on where your voyage departs from. Browse the departure ports below for a taste of where your European cruise might begin, exploring a variety of ports in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

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