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Yokkaichi, Japan Cruise Port

Yokkaichi, Japan has a very long history. In fact, the area around modern Yokkaichi has been settled since prehistoric times. Today it is a hub for Japanese cuisine, history, and culture. Visit the numerous temples and immerse yourself in the spirit of Yokkaichi, Japan. Experience the beautiful parks and relax for a while. Learn about Yokkaichi’s extensive history in the plentiful city museums. Continue below for more activities waiting for you in the cruise port of Yokkaichi, Japan:
  • Observation Deck: Take in the entire city of Yokkaichi by visiting the observation deck on the 14th floor in the Port Building. You will have the perfect opportunity to take photos, and when you are finished, you can learn about the history of the port and its importance to the city.
  • Visit the Temples: Connect with the spiritual side of Yokkaichi by visiting the Fudoji, Daisho-in, and Sempuku-ji Temples.
  • Explore the Parks: Yokkaichi has some stunning parks and you will love taking a relaxing stroll through any of them. Connect with nature and walk among the trees, flowers, and wildlife.
  • Eat Authentic Japanese Cuisine: Try sushi or sashimi made by some of the best sushi chefs in the world. Fresh, flavorful, and simple – you’ve never had anything quite like it.

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