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Yap Island Cruise Port

Yap, also known as Wa'ab, refers to an island, the Yap Main Islands, found on the widely scattered Caroline Islands archipelago. Yap lies in the Western part of the Pacific Ocean and forms part of the Federated States of Micronesia. In recent years, the name “Yap” has come to be accepted as the name assigned to the state in the Federated States of Micronesia that includes the Yap Main Islands and some surrounding outer islands. The landscape of Yap consists mostly of rolling hills, some densely vegetated areas, beaches, and mangrove swamps that line the shore. It has over the years became a popular holiday destination. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Yap Island will enjoy:
  • The Yap Main Islands are surrounded by a coral reef that provides a diversity of marine life. This provides an ideal environment where visitors can engage in snorkeling and scuba diving in the clear waters, and offers a chance to get closer to the marine wildlife.
  • Visitors should take the time to go for some of the cultural tours that are available on the island. The tours showcase some of the remaining Micronesian cultures. Most of the performances portray traditional dances and songs that are associated with the local’s past.
  • Adventurous visitors should take the time to go for kayaking in the island's waters. One can kayak through a canal, which had been excavated in the 1900s or the mangrove forests. It is a relaxing activity that provides access to some stunning views of the island's features.
  • Visitors with an interest in fishing will be glad to know that the island offers the opportunity to partake in deep-sea fishing. The clear waters of Yap are home to skipjack and yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, red snapper, barracuda and a variety of other fish that are popular in the region.

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