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Mannheim, Germany Cruise Port

If you automatically think "steamroller" when hearing the name "Mannheim," then a cruise to the port of Mannheim, Germany will change your perception. Located in southwestern Germany where the Neckar and Rhine Rivers meet, Manheim is the third-largest city in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The University of Mannheim used to be the Mannheim Palace, an 18th century baroque construction which used to house the Prince-elector (a member of the Holy Roman Empire). The city’s had its name since at least the year 766, and was a small village throughout the Middle Ages; today, it's a bustling city of nearly 300,000 residents. While Mannheim had one of the best court orchestras in Europe during the 18th century, today it’s also known worldwide for cultural heritage and inventiveness. Heavily damaged during World War II, the city underwent extensive reconstruction. Here some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Mannheim, Germany:
  • One of loveliest spots in the city is Luisenpark, named after Princess Luise Marie Elizabeth of Prussia. This municipal park includes gondoletta boats, greenhouse, and a Chinese garden, as well as a butterfly house and bird exhibits. Towering over the park is the iconic tower called Fernmeldeturm.
  • The Mannheimer Wasserturm (or Water Tower) is another famous city landmark, built in the late 1800s. Located in the art nouveau area known as Friedrichsplatz, a water fountain and gardens provide a relaxing setting. There are also places to shop and eat while you sightsee.
  • Built between 1733 in 1756, the Jesuitenkirche or Jesuit Church was fashioned in Baroque style and is rich in art pieces from that period. Whether religious or interested in architecture, the inside is breathtaking; if you're lucky enough to catch the organ being played or a choir rehearsal, it may just give you chills.
  • Those who love science as much or more than history will be delighted by Technoseum. If you visit the entire technology museum, you'll experience a trip through time from Baden-Württemberg's industrial revolution until the present. Exhibits include the history of electric guitars, understanding Einstein, and a space adventure.
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