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Linz am Rhein, Germany Cruise Port

Floating along the Rhine River is a charming town lined with colorful houses straight out of a picture postcard. You've reached the cruise port of Linz am Rhein, Germany, with roots that extend back to the year 874. In the early 1300s, Linz was awarded city status by the Archbishop of Cologne, and the Burg Linz castle was constructed shortly thereafter. The medieval Ockenfels Castle didn't survive past the 1400s, but its ruins can be viewed from a distance (or curious hikers can get closer to see what remains). While it's a small town, its fewer than 6,000 residents love a good party, as evidenced by their multiple festivals. From the Rhine in Flames during the month of May to the Kunsthandwerkermarkt in October (and several in between), there is no shortage of fun to be had. Here are some our favorite experiences when cruising to Linz am Rhein, Germany:
  • Near a well-preserved town gate is the Burg Linz Castle. Redeveloped in the 1980s to appeal to foodies, it does serve food as well as offer tours. Called Kurfürstliche Burggastronomie, you can visit the torture chambers, proceed to the much more pleasant courtyard, and receive medieval-themed entertainment – all while enjoying a several-course meal.
  • Kasbachtalbahn takes you on a short trip around the area on a vintage train which includes views of the lovely surrounding forest. You can go one-way and walk back down or round-trip, opting to visit the nearby brewery and shops as part of the jaunt.
  • In the highest part of the town is the historic and Gothic-style St. Martin's Church. The inside consists of beautiful stained glass windows and artwork, while its old cemetery dates back to at least the 12th century. You can climb the tower for a view of the area from above.
  • For some architecture, shopping, and food, you can wander through the main square, called Marktplatz or Castenholzplatz. With the pretty Ratsherrenbrunnen fountain as a centerpiece, photo opportunities include the Mariensäule pillar and 16th-century Town Hall.
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