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Kyauk Myaung, Myanmar Cruise Port

A cruise along the Irrawaddy River may take you to the port town of Kyauk Myaung, Myanmar (also called Kyaukmyaung). Found in the country's Sagaing Division, Kyauk Myaung is noted for its large glazed earthenware pots; in fact, most of the residents participate in the pottery industry or San Oh. As a result, the town is becoming a more popular tourist destination, especially among Europeans and Americans – and it's also a waypoint to Mandalay (about 46 miles north) and Bagan (almost 200 miles south). Ceramic traditions go back to the 18th century, after the Burmese King Alaungpaya conquered Pegu (now called Bago). Today, there are four large-scale pottery complexes, using clay from the Irrawaddy riverbed, and clay from a deposit about a mile from town. Together, these reddish and yellowish clays form the base of the ceramics. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Kyauk Myaung, Myanmar:
  • Myanmar is known as "The Golden Land," and it has temples and pagodas galore. While Kyauk Myaung doesn't have any many as other towns, it does have the red-roofed Nondo Zedi triple stupa (domed Buddhist temple), which is a visual delight.
  • Shoppers should take a look around the Letyway Kyaunggyi monastery area for storefronts selling vases, mustard pots, jugs, and more. Most of the typical Kyauk Myaung patterns are glazed a glossy brown with occasional yellow swirls, while other vases may come in a lovely shade of green.
  • Speaking of pottery, no trip here is complete without a visit to the pottery villages. Once here, you'll see tools of the trade, such as unformed clay, kilns, and drying yards, along with plenty of opportunities to buy.
  • Take an Ayeyarwaddy (an alternate spelling Irrawaddy) dolphin tour, which gives you an opportunity to see these unique animals in their natural environment. It also explains how traditional fishing methods have affected the population; in 2005, the Department of Fisheries created a protected zone for the dolphins between Kyauk Myaung and Mingun.

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