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Iiha Grande(Rio De Janeiro), Brazil Cruise Port

The “Big Island,” better known as Ilha Grande, is not far off the coast of the famous Rio de Janeiro. The island has a very colorful history as it was ordered permanently closed by the Brazilian government for more than one hundred years. First, it was a leper colony—years before scientists determined the disease to be not highly contagious—and then it was a maximum-security prison colony until 1994. Today the tropical area with a population around 5,000 is a popular destination for cruise ships and tourists from all around the world. The island has a slew of pristine, sandy beaches that stretch up and down the crashing waves of the warm, aquamarine waters. The rugged landscape outside of the major towns is filled with expansive vegetation which includes the prominent remnants of Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest. Because the land is so pristine, most of it is part of the protected Ilha Grande State Park.


  • The Lagoa Azul is a stunning lagoon that is said to be the island’s greatest spot for snorkeling or diving. Fish and other marine life occupy this area in large numbers and are easy to spot from above.
  • Praia da Feiticeira is around a forty-mile hike through the wilderness that leads to a beautiful beach. The trek is difficult with many changes in elevation along the way, but the journey is rewarding for experienced hikers.
  • The Cave of Achaia is a beachside haunt that isn’t great for swimming because of the boat traffic, but is a relaxing place to hang out, watch the sun rise or set, and visit a beachside bar or two.
  • Aventureiro Beach is a small, beautiful beach with great hiking nearby and an incredible view from up high beyond the forest and the surf.

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