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Fowey, Cornwall, England Cruise Port

Cruising to the port of Fowey, Cornwall in the United Kingdom means a trip to one of England's Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Founded around the 11th century, Fowey was quick to develop trade, thanks to its location at the mouth of the River Fowey. Trade brought about pirates and other attackers; in 1540 or thereabouts, a small castle was built on the harbor as a defense. As its contribution to World War II and D-Day, Fowey provided the main port for loading ammunition for the American troops that landed on Omaha Beach. For a small city, it’s one rich in culture and religion: there's Daphne du Maurier Festival held here each May, and a popular local legend says that Joseph of Arimathea came here to do merchant business with a young Jesus in tow. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Fowey, Cornwall, England:
  • There's a plaque in Fowey Estuary that proudly proclaims "Queen Victoria and Prince Albert landed on this Quay Sept. 8th 1846." For walking, sightseeing, and exploring the area's history, you can't beat this part of Fowey that provides views of the castle, shopping, animal life, and culture.
  • St. Catherine's Castle was built to fend off invaders from France and the Holy Roman Empire. It closed and re-opened a couple of times before housing naval guns in World War II; afterward, it was restored and is a popular tourist attraction. The remains of the 13th century Restormel Castle can also be found a few miles up the river.
  • In the heart of town is the Fowey River Gallery, a must-see for art lovers thanks to its dynamic showcase of pieces. Housed in a lovely Georgian building, you'll find offerings from many local, living artists, along with a charming gift shop.
  • Fowey has more than half a dozen beaches to explore, from large and family-friendly to small, secluded coves. Par Sands Beach is a large, sandy beach with a nearby café and pub. It's a great place for flying kites and windsurfing as well as swimming.
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