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Esbjerg, Denmark Cruise Port

Esbjerg is a picturesque, yet lively port city on the western coast of the Jutland peninsula. Located in southwest Denmark, it is the municipal seat of the region and has over 70,000 permanent citizens. The harbor, which welcomes cruise and cargo ships from all over the world, is the second largest in the country and has been in existence since 1868. While it had been a large, successful port since the early days, recently it expanded to serve container ships and the wind turbine industry. The quaint port section of town is rife with charming cafes, fancy bars, and a variety of places to shop and browse. Further inland, Esbjerg has a number of museums; some devoted to art, others to history, and one is all about aquatic life. The city’s center is attractive and modern and features Denmark’s longest pedestrian street that allows visitors to venture into and experience the entire great city.


  • For a fascinating look into how the Vikings lived and worked, visit the Ribe Viking Center. This reconstruction of a medieval village has a number of costumed players who demonstrate the many activities of the time.
  • The Maritime Museum is separated into two parts. The first is devoted to the offshore oil and wind industries and is very educational. The other side is an aquarium with a barrage of aquatic life on display.
  • Check out the enormous statues overlooking the harbor at Mennesket ved havet. These four seated men are a tourist draw and are conveniently located beside a sensational beach.
  • The flood column in Ribe is surrounded by a beautiful canal-side landscape. The pole itself shows visitors how high the seemingly peaceful waters can rise during a flood.

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