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Chichi-jima, Japan Cruise Port

The island of Chichi-jima in Japan is the largest in the Ogasawara Islands group. It features large flat faced mountains, steep rocks, sub-tropical forests and white sandy beaches. A cruise to Chichi-jima is a must for any traveler escaping the rush and chaotic nature of city life. Sea life is abundant in the waters surrounding the island. Dolphins and turtles can be seen all year round, humpback whales frequent the island between the months of February and April while sperm whales can be seen between July and September. Cruise to the white sandy beaches of Chici-jima and enjoy various activities on the beach including kayaking, wind surfing, and deep sea diving. Trails are well laid out throughout the island for nature observers. The trails lead to several view points on the island for spectacular views. Some of the things to do at the island are highlighted below:
  • Go whale watching in the ocean and swim around with dolphins, turtles, humpback whales and sperm whales that visit the islands during different times of year. There are numerous licensed guides into the ocean that guarantee a safe and exciting experience.
  • Take your taste buds on a rare adventure. Chichi-jima offers a wide variety of food that one can enjoy. Locally styled sushi served with soya sauce and rice are common. Turtle is also served either fried, raw, or as a stew.
  • Kayaking on the island is one of the activities that are immensely popular. It offers visitors the chance to engage in a thrilling adventure in the waters that are surrounded by a breath taking landscape. It is definitely worth trying out.
  • Trekking along Chichi-jima is a fun experience. The numerous footpaths created lead to multiple view points on the island where any visitor to the island can catch fantastic glimpses of the surrounding forests and the blue ocean. It also offers the chance to observe nature.
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