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Champagne Bay, Vanuatu Cruise Port

When cruising to Champagne Bay, Vanuatu, you will be in awe at the true tropical paradise that stands before you. Known for its beautiful pink sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and perfect temperatures relaxation is at your fingertips. On your cruise to Champagne Bay, Vanuatu you will be able to recharge by lounging on the beaches or going for a shipwreck dive surrounded by the island’s colorful fish. This island played an important role during World War II where it was a base for the Allies to defend against the Japanese. Now, you can explore the shipwreck of the Grand SS President Coolidge submerged under the South Pacific waters. Surrounding the shipwreck is an abundance of colorful reefs and fish to explore. Locals from the island will make their way to the bay area for your opportunity to taste some of the fresh lobsters or buy a unique souvenir. Sport fishing is very popular on this island, offering a chance to catch some fresh Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin tuna, Coral Trout and many more. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to Champagne Bay, Vanuatu:
  • Lounge along the picture perfect beaches and soak in the warm sun along the pink sand and crystal waters.
  • Explore the historic shipwreck of the SS President Coolidge for an amazing dive experience or view the coral reefs and colorful fish that surround.
  • Sample some of the freshest pineapples, mangoes and coconut crab, all of which are considered to be island favorites.
  • Shop for some of the area’s handicrafts where you can find hand woven baskets, mats or carvings, necklaces and more.

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