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Raja Ampat, West Papua Cruise Port

Raja Ampat is an archipelago that comprises of four main islands, namely; Salawati, Waigeo, Misool, Batanta, and Kofiau. It is located on the Northwest end of the Bird’s Head Peninsula in the West Papua Province of Indonesia. Raja Ampat lies at the heart of the Coral Triangle, which is popular for containing the richest marine biodiversity in the world. It derives its name from local mythology, which tells the story of a woman who finds seven eggs. Fishing is the main occupation in this area mainly because of the area’s proximity to the sea. The area is a popular tourist destination. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Raja Ampat, West Papua:

  • The region has a diverse species of marine life. Tourists can visit Cape Kri where they can engage in diving and snorkeling to see the wide variety of fish and sharks. This would be an unforgettable experience especially to individuals fascinated with marine biology.
  • Raja Ampat has a diverse bird fauna and would be a suitable destination for bird lovers. Visitors should carry their binoculars in order to get the full experience. There exists over two hundred bird species, which have been spotted in the region.
  • There is a wide range of accommodation options for visitors. There are luxury hotels by the beach like the Raja Ampat dive lodge, and Papua Paradise Eco Resort, which lies along the pristine shoreline of Birie. There are also cottages and homestays available that one can choose from.
  • Visitors who enjoy the thrill of adventure will enjoy taking nature walks and excursions. For example, climbing Harfat peak exposes the magnificent scenery of the isolated islands against the crystalline blue waters; tourists who travel along the higher areas can take beautiful photos of the region.

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