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Pulau Ayu, Indonesia Cruise Port

Pulau Ayu is also popularly known as Pulau Aju, Ajoe, or Ayau and is a relatively small island located in Indonesia in the Ayu Islands. The island is a major part of the Raja Ampat regency, which has two major settlements in the region, namely Ayu and Imbik Kuan. Due to the island being small in terms of size, and reefs, accessing the island is limited to small boats. Pulau Kanobe and Pulau Reni are two small islands that are not habited that are found North of Pulau Ayu. Pulau Ayu together with all the islands in the Archipelago of Ayu were occupied during the Second World War from 1942 up until when the war ended in 1945, by the Japanese Empire. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Pulau Ayu, Indonesia:

  • The waters that surround the island allow it to be an ideal place for water a variety of activities, such as snorkelling and scuba diving. There are many sites that are conducive for these as well as other water related activities. Tourists to the region should take advantage of the opportunities presented.
  • Animal lovers should definitely head to the island. The beaches of the island are known to be a nesting ground for numerous leatherback turtles, which is a good breeding destination for the turtles that lay their eggs on the beaches.
  • The area is popular because of its beautiful scenery; the view of the surrounding waters and regions is spectacular. Photographers will surely appreciate the beauty of the region and should take the opportunity to take good photographs of the region.
  • The locals of the area are friendly, which is ideal for travellers. A person can in turn freely interact with the locals, and get to know more about the people and the region. The area is also not crowded which is ideal for people that are not fans of crowds.

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