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Calica, Mexico Cruise Port

Calica is a Mexican quarry and port that is the primary docking spot for Playa del Carmen, a wonderfully tropical spot for vacations and getaways. This marvelous city has a bustling population of 150,000 people and is the Quintana Roo state region’s most popular tourist destination. The charming Playa del Carmen was content in being a humble fishing village for a number of years. However, when travelers first began taking ferries to the nearby Cozumel Island for scuba diving excursions, the community linked to this stunning beach oasis realized it could become a tourism mecca as well. Their fine beaches and convenient, relaxing pedestrian walkways encourage the homespun, lively community to come alive. Playacar is the main urban area of Playa del Carmen and located due south from the beachside. An impressive, lush golf course and an aviary are located in this development and surrounded by shops and restaurants.


  • Xcaret Park is a unique eco-archeological park that helps introduce visitors to Mexico’s biodiversity and cultural heritage. It educates through underground rivers, lagoons, pools, beaches, and various tropical jungle tours.
  • The 3D Museum of Wonders is the first three-dimensional art museum in the Americas. The art and optical allusions are great photo opportunities and are memorable even without a camera.
  • For a serene and soulful beach experience, be sure to walk along Riviera Maya and enjoy the modern building on one side and the outstanding water on the other.
  • Quinta Avenida is a lively street in Playa del Carmen’s downtown sector. The hopping avenue is packed with stores, jewelry, bars, restaurants, and souvenirs.

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