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Butrint, Albania Cruise Port

When you cruise to Butrint, Albania expect to see glorious ancient ruins from the civilizations of the Roman, Hellenistic, Byzantine and Venetian times. This town will give you a great picture of what life was like during those times with all of the surrounding ruins. Dating back to the fourth century, you can now view the beautiful theater that seats 1,500 people and is one of the most amazing Roman ruins in this area. On your cruise to Butrint, Albania, you can also see the many ancient buildings and a canal that lie near this ancient theater. Butrint today has been made into a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also exhibits the Butrint National Park for its visitors to view this fully protected area. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to Butrint, Albania:
  • Exploring the Butrint National Park is something all ages will enjoy the many sites as well learning more about the history of the civilizations that once occupied it.
  • Make sure to visit the Venetian Tower, the Roman Bath House, the Great Basilica and the ancient town houses.
  • View the stunning (and still in great shape) second century Roman bath houses that have painted mosaics surrounding them.
  • Walk up to the ancient castle and take in the stunning view of the bay and beach area from the very top of the hill.
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