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Atlasov Island, Kuril Islands Cruise Port

The Russian cruise port of Atlasov Island, known in Russian as Ostrov Atlasova, is part of the Sakhalin Oblast. As the northernmost island within the Kuril Islands, it has the highest volcano, named Vulkan Alaid. The volcano rises above the Sea of Okhotsk and stands about 7,674 feet. Atlasov Island is small, only about 46 square miles total, and is uninhabited by humans. Many tales about the volcano’s creation; for example, because of its nearly perfect shape, other mountains were jealous of its beauty, and exiled it away from the rest of them. This banishment resulted in the Kurile Lake's creation. Whether the area is merely an Ice Age creation or envious landforms did indeed have a hand in the island's birth, it's still a place of unique beauty. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences while cruising to Atlasov Island, Kuril Islands:
  • While the island chain itself is sparsely inhabited, “The Northern Ring of Fire” is created by the thirty-two volcanoes that stretch across the Bering Sea between Russia and Japan. Approximately 75% of these are active, so you might get lucky enough to see an eruption.
  • Fresh seafood is available in abundance in the Kuril Islands; even though Atlasov Island is uninhabited, many cruise lines offer shore excursions to the other islands, where locally-created dishes cost a fraction of what they’d run in a five-star restaurant in a major city.
  • Keep an eye out for killer whales or orcas in the Okhotsk Sea, often seen swimming around Atlasov. As they live in pods consisting of anywhere from five to ten members, they shouldn't be too hard to spot.
  • While people are at a minimum, there are other animals to sight on and near the island. These include sea otters, seals, sea lions, bears, foxes, and plenty of sea birds.
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