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Aschaffenburg, Germany Cruise Port

Aschaffenburg, Germany has a very mild climate and beautiful Mediterranean gardens. The central landmark of the area is the Johannisburg Castle, which is made of red sandstone. Next to the Castle, you will find the perfect replica of a Roman house called the Pompeianum, built by King Ludwig. Stroll through Old Town, wander down cobblestone alleys and pass by some timber-frame houses. A walk along the bank of the Main is a highlight of your cruise to Aschaffenburg. This town has its own theater - and one with quite a history too. Founded in 1811, it's a sign of how cultured this town is. Below, are a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to Aschaffenburg, Germany:
  • Visit the Herstall Tower, dated back to 1545 and carries the coat of arms of Cardinal Albert of Brandenburg who died that year. It's one of only two remaining towers from the town's original fortifications.
  • View the Pompeianum, which is a complete replica of an ancient Roman villa transported to central Germany.
  • Explore the Johannisburg Castle as it sits right in the centre of the town, so tightly pressed between the Altstadt and the river that its gardens amount to little more than a strip of grass and polished gravel.
  • Aschaffenburg's oldest parish church, Church of Our Lady the Mother of God can also be found in a Romanesque-Gothic style.
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