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Antilla, Cuba Cruise Port

Founded in 1907 as a railroad terminal and port town, Antilla is a town and municipality in Holguin Provence, Cuba. It’s located between the Gulf of Nipe and Banes Bay on a peninsula of Cuba’s northeastern shore. Despite only being around 39 square miles in diameter, it has a population of over 12,000 people. Various forms of transportation are available to take tourists to other points of interest, including Macabi, El Jucaro, and Canalito. Sandy beaches and alcoves are located to the north and west of the city and suburban infrastructure. The beaches are popular due to the clean, warm waters perfect for swimming, surfing, boating, or snorkeling. And since the coastline stretches so far, one needs not walk far to find a low-traffic or even secluded section of premiere sand and sun. The locals are friendly, and while there may be a language barrier with some, they’re always willing to connect with people at their roadside stands.   


  • For a better view of the shores and hills of this beautiful island, a few companies at port offer sailing excursions that venture far enough from shore to offer some of the greatest views.
  • If you wish to explore the outskirts of the island on your own or just want a little self-contained adventure, kayaking around the island is also quite popular.
  • Enjoy the old feel of this semi-secluded city by checking out the old signage adorning the streets which depict prominent figures from the revolution, including Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.
  • The local restaurants are almost entirely small and locally owned, offering some of the most authentic and tasty Cuban food imaginable.

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