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Repositioning Cruisetours

Repositioning cruises are the perfect way to bask in the wonder cruising.

Stand aboard a luxurious cruise ship as the ocean breeze flows through your hair and soothes your senses. Experience the sights and sounds of the water and the marine life as you cross some of the world’s largest bodies of water. Stop along the way, and discover new cultures, peoples and attractions you never dreamed of. Expect a memorable cruise!


Things to Do on a Repositioning Cruise


In order to make sure cruisers have the best possible weather conditions for both their pleasure and their safety, cruise ships institute time limits for cruises to certain regions. For instance, most cruises to Alaska take place from May until September when the weather is warm. When the last Alaska cruise comes to completion, cruise lines don’t just keep their ships empty till May, they sail to a new region of the world. These trips from one destination to another, for instance Alaska to the Caribbean or Europe to the Caribbean, are called repositioning cruises. Featured below are highlights from possible repositioning cruises:


Bangkok, Thailand
  • A stop in Bangkok is sure to leave you with plenty of options for adventure. Spend the day visiting several stunning and intricately designed temples, or go to one of the many tailors in the city who will custom tailor an outfit at an affordable price.
  • Enjoy a fruit market, beautiful colonial era architecture and a museum with traditional African masks in Dakar, Senegal. Make sure to have your camera ready as your tour this fascinating city on Africa’s west coast.
Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain
  • Spend an afternoon walking along Las Ramblas in Barcelona where you can try some of Spain’s most tasty treats, like tapas, paella and pintxos. While strolling along this scenic tree-lined pedestrian mall, you'll pass some of Barcelona's most historic buildings and get a better understanding for the city's culture.
  • Visit a Pineapple Greenhouse. Pineapples are a major crop in the Azores, an island chain off the coast of Portugal.
Hula dancing
  • Snorkel through a shipwreck off the coast of the petite island of Bermuda on your way to the Caribbean or a cruise port in Florida. The sunken ships beneath the surface of the turquoise waters are home to several bright species of fish.
  • Get your hips moving as you learn to hula during a sunset luau when you visit Honolulu on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.
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Repositioning Cruisetours: Cruise Lines

Looking for an adventure? Try a repositioning cruise which, in some instances, will take you on a journey across the globe. These cruises where ships relocate from one location to another are available on both popular and luxury cruises. 

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Repositioning Cruisetours: Departure Ports

A repositioning cruise is when a ship moves from doing a lot of sailings in one region to another region. For instance ships that sail in Alaska usually move to a warmer weather spot in the fall. Repositioning cruises offer an extended itinerary with a lot of sea days for relaxing. You can find repositioning cruises year round. You can embark from cities like Sydney, Barcelona, Ft. Lauderdale and Buenos Aires among other ports. 

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