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Meissen, Germany Cruise Port

The charming port city of Meissen, Germany is comfortably nestled in a confluence of the Elbe and Triebisch rivers, northwest of Dresden among quaint wine villages and wooded hills. This gorgeous location is the perfect backdrop to the likes of the House of Wettin, Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, the wonderful Elbe valley view and the impressive winegrowing regions. The highlight of your cruise to Meissen, Germany will be the exploration of the first European porcelain manufactured here in 1710, thanks to the rich kaolin and potters earth deposits from which spectacular porcelain figurines have been made.
  • A visit to the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory will be the gateway to the world of high end porcelain-making by incredibly talented artists. Their patience and precision in the manufacturing process may give you a much better appreciation for the value of the finished products. During the very informative tour of the factory, the history, artistry, science and engineering behind this incredible art will come alive.
  • Except for a few structures like the Protestant pulpit, pews and organ that were brought in after the Meissen diocese was dissolved during the Protestant Reformation, the Meissen Cathedral could easily pass as a purely Gothic-style architecture. The breathtaking view from the top of the castle hill is worth the 300 stairs to climb, with an equally impressive interior featuring a sculpture of Emperor Otto I.
  • The huge Castle of Albrechtsburg with great architecture and stunning views once served as a center of the newly conquered territories in the east of the empire of King Henry I. Stop by for an informative guided tour and a glimpse of the life once lived in this medieval castle.

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