Dresden, Germany Cruise Port

When cruising to Dresden, Germany expect to be surrounded by culture and historic landmarks that tell the story of the town’s past. This city has risen from the ashes that were once a result of World War II and have again become a thriving center of modern art. Dresden is the capital of Saxony and is the third largest city in eastern Germany. Dresden originated around the 1200’s where it was founded by Margrave Dietrich and known then as New Town. Over half of the modern version of Dresden is now parkland offering to Europe one of its greenest cities. Many unique and historic buildings can be found throughout the city having different purposes from past. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do on a river cruise to Dresden, Germany:
  • Explore the Zwinger Palace, an 18th century museum filled with art, mathematical instruments and porcelain of all kinds.
  • A gorgeous three-leveled building is home to the Semper Opera offering a unique form of entertainment to its visitors.
  • Visit the Frauenkirche, Church of Our Lady, a gorgeous piece of Protestant architecture that can be found in Neumarkt square.
  • Stroll along one of the many parks that can be found in the city for the best chance to take in your surroundings and explore the area.

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