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Deggendorf, Germany Cruise Port

The cruise port of Deggendorf in Germany is located on the left bank of the Danube River. The port is close to a vital Bavarian town, in Lower Bavaria called Deggendorf, which serves as the capital of the Deggendorf district. Traces of the earliest settlers in the town date back to the Bronze Age and Celtic era. Deggendorf covers an area of 77.21 km2 and is host to an approximate population of 32,000 people. The main language used in Deggendorf is German. This scenic and enchanting city provides a host of activities ranging from an exquisite golf course to numerous nature trails that are perfectly suited to biking, hiking, and horseback riding. Other activities better suited to an urban tourist include tours of some important historical monuments and structures, and the exploration of the city's broad market streets. Listed below are some of the favorite activities to engage in after cruising to Deggendorf, Germany:
  • Those interested in the historical activities practiced in Deggendorf; the Handwerksmuseum would be a great place to start. The museum has exhibits of tools, crafts, and some audio and film documents that provide a full image of the challenges and success of the historical craftsmen of the Bavarian region.
  • A visit to the Das Stadtmuseum von Deggendorf is also highly recommended. The museum is set in a former school that dates back to 1900. The permanent exhibition showcases the early history of Deggendorf and some aspects of the cultural, social, and economic development of the region.
  • Another popular activity for tourists in Deggendorf is visiting the Alte Rathaus, also known as the Old Townhall or Old Cityhall. It is located at the centre of the town with its main attractions being its attractive architecture and a 14th Century clock-tower.
  • Nature lovers will be thrilled that the Bavarian Forest Nature Park offers educational tours and access to hiking and biking trails through its diverse array of vegetation cover. The park covers a large area extending from the Danube valley to the Grosser Arber Mountain.

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