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Ashdod (Jerusalem), Israel Cruise Port

The cruise port of Ashdod (Jerusalem) Israel, also known as the “gate to Jerusalem” is the largest port in the country where thousands of cruise passengers set out to explore some of the holiest sites in the world. Jerusalem is the hub for religious and spiritual embarkment. As a powerful miniature model of the world, every piece of stone, architecture, scenery or historical site tell a compelling story of significant events that took place centuries ago. To get the most out of your tour while cruising to Ashdod (Jerusalem), Israel for the first time, it is recommended to book with a private guide or plan a detailed itinerary of must-see places of interest. Repeat visitors usually opt for a more relaxing day as they take their time to check out popular shops and cafes that augment the colorful atmosphere in the cruise port of Ashdod (Jerusalem), Israel. Feel inspired and fortified as you begin your journey through the streets of Ashdod (Jerusalem) in search of tranquility and enlightenment by visiting these must-see attractions:
  • Known as the place where Jews built the Temple, Jesus was crucified and Mohammed rose to Heaven, the Old City of Jerusalem has a special way of bringing together people from different religious backgrounds, cultures and faith for spiritual and educational purposes. It is indisputably the most attractive place in Jerusalem based on its historical importance.
  • The only remnant left standing in the holiest site of the Old City of Jerusalem known as The Temple Mount by Jews and Christians, and Noble Sanctuary by Muslims is the Western Wall. This is an extraordinary place to experience spiritual fervor in a captivating and powerful way as you write a note or prayer on a piece of paper and push it into a crevice in the wall or lean against the wall to offer up prayers. This humbling and moving experience keeps visitors coming back year after year!
  • The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial is a solemn place where victims and heroes of the Holocaust have been memorialized. This educational, informative and thought-provoking memorial stands a great reminder of the dangers of racism and prejudices. You will come across a collection of names, photos, documents and personal artifacts of the Holocaust victims as a way of preserving their memories.

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