River Cruises in Europe

River Cruises in Europe

River cruising is one of the most rewarding ways to discover the majesty of Europe, from lush countryside, natural wonders and scenic vineyards to rural villages, medieval castles and contemporary metropolises. No matter which river guests sail, cruising Europe's greatest rivers is sure to reveal fascinating sights and sounds - culminating in an unforgettable European vacation.

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Parliament Building, Budapest, Hungary

Danube River

The Danube, the longest river in the European Union, is a vital life source running through the heart of Europe, starting in Germany's Black Forest region and ending at the Black Sea. On its way to the Black Sea, the Danube winds through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine. The Danube's length makes for river cruising with an extensive variety of architecture, food, history and culture. Travelers who appreciate both the bustle of modern cities and the beauty of natural landscapes will delight in experiencing the best of both worlds.

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Belem Tower in Portugal

Douro River

Discover the rich culture and natural beauty of Spain and Portugal by way of a Douro River cruise. The charming Douro River is lined with rural villages, lush vineyards and astonishing palaces. Travelers may find an opportunity to sample Portugal's famous port wine in its founding place, Porto, or walk through the tranquil gardens of Vila Real's Mateus Palace. Guests who continue cruising along the "River of Gold" will be greeted by grand cathedrals and storied universities.

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Albrechtsburg Castle on Elbe River in Germany

Elbe River

Europe's Elbe River originates in the mountains of the Czech Republic and runs through Germany on its way to the North Sea. Cruisers will wind their way along the towering sandstone mountains, picturesque vineyards and medieval relics of Germany and the Czech Republic. River cruises along the Elbe River may feature stops in Dresden, Meissen and Prague. The abundance of both man-made and natural wonders found along the Elbe River make river cruising the ideal way to see Germany and the Czech Republic.

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Old Town Nuremberg, Germany

Main River

The Main River flows across Central Germany and provides for a charming vacation experience through the pleasant German country side, full of soaring castles and medieval towns. Cruisers will gaze in wonder as they navigate through the Main-Danube Canal on their way to cities such as Nuremberg, Wurzburg or Frankfurt. River cruises along the Main River offer something for all types of travelers: enchanting villages for romantics, numerous historic sites for fans of history, and rolling hills for nature-lovers. Travelers interested in one of the most culturally rewarding European vacations should consider discovering Germany by way of river cruise along the Main.

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Moselle River, Germany

Moselle River

The Moselle meanders through France, Luxembourg and Germany as it carries travelers to castles, quaint villages, lush wineries and riverside cafes. Famous for its particularly winding bends, the Moselle River provides the perfect medium for a leisurely tour through some of Europe's most beautiful wine regions. Discoveries await river cruisers in Trier, the oldest city in Germany, where a blend of Roman, Renaissance and Gothic architecture highlights the city. For a different experience, cruisers might relax with a glass of the region's finest wine at one of the many cafes lining the Moselle. Vacationers have no difficulty forgetting their worries as they escape on a relaxing river cruise through the fairytale countryside of the Moselle River.

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Cathedral in Venice, Italy

Po River

Imagine cruising the Po River in Italy, floating down small waterways and being just a few steps away from the wonders of Venice. You can see the region in style, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Northern Italy while expanding your culinary boundaries. You'll have the opportunity to tour Venice, Chioggia, Ravenna, Bologna and other amazing cities - each offering a unique glimpse into the Italian way of life. Plus, when you experience Italy by way of a river cruise along the Po River, you'll always end each day in the convenient accommodations of your luxurious river ship.

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Koblenz Fortress on the Rhine in Germany

Rhine River

River cruises along the Rhine River are perfectly suited for food and wine connoisseurs wishing for an intimate vacation experience upon one of Europe's most beautiful rivers. Guests will visit romantic villages and tour picturesque vineyards on their way to an unforgettable European vacation. Cruise passengers interested in the region's history won't be disappointed with stops in the likes of Vienna, Budapest and Amsterdam where guests may have an opportunity to view famous works of art while touring museums and theaters. The historical importance of the Rhine is demonstrated through the large number of fortresses lining its banks.

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Castle in Avignon, France

Rhone River

The Rhone River, which flows from Switzerland through France on its way to the Mediterranean Sea, played a critical role in the Roman Empire. As such, the Rhone's banks are covered with remnants of Roman aqueducts, arenas, theaters and baths. Frequented river cruise destinations include Arles, Avignon, Lyon and Vienne, all of which feature their own striking remains from the Roman Empire. Surrounding these cities, travelers will discover the rolling vineyards, quaint towns and impressive castles that contribute to the breathtaking beauty of the South of France.

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Vineyard in Burgundy, France

Saone River

River cruising allows travelers to sail through France's renowned Burgundy region along the scenic Saone River. Be inspired by France's stunning countryside, diverse architecture and charming culture, all while enjoying the spectacular food and wine of the region. Saone River cruise itineraries may include visits to Macon and its several museums, Chalon-sur-Saone and its storied wine trading post, or Beaune - the wine capital of Burgundy.

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Jardin Du Luxembourg in Paris, France

Seine River

River cruising along the Seine River is the perfect way to enjoy the majesty of northern France's Normandy region. River cruises on the Seine usually involve a visit to Paris where guests have ample time to see the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre and more. Itineraries may also include visits to the beaches of Normandy where guests can pay their respects to those who fought in World War II. Plus, as is expected in France, river cruise passengers on the Seine will take in picturesque countryside while enjoying marvelous cuisine and the finest of wines.

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Christmas Market Lights

Christmas Markets

Most American Christmas traditions are rooted in German holiday culture, so see how this major winter holiday is celebrated in Europe with a river cruise. You will see holiday markets where locals gather to find their holiday gifts and towns decked out in handmade wreaths. A Holiday river cruise is an experience all to itself. Even if you traveled on the same river before and visited the same spots, cruising during the holidays is not to be missed.

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